The damage caused by light pollution are perhaps less obviousand well known to those caused by other types of pollution, but they are no less important. Just think about it a little and are almost trivial:



Each individual photon generated in excess is a coin thrown in the toilet!


The sentence may seem harsh and not too polite, but that is exactly what happened! If we think about a medium city, which has at least 1500 points of light in streets and parks, we can also make some counts. We assign to each point of light an average power of 100 watts, and we consider that 30% (we're good) of this light isin excess (because upward, because unnecessary, etc.).


That citywaste each year, approximately 33,000 (thirty-three thousand) euros for generating light pollution


to illuminate the void... city to those who think we are in Italy (or in the world), think about how much money you could invest in another!



For thousands years, man has inspired a thirst for knowledge and culture to the constellations, stars, planets ... In short, the scene of the night sky. From our city now, one who can see a few dozen stars are lucky! JUST BECAUSE LIGHT UP THE SKY! And the stars disappear! Many of our children (and many adults) have never seen a starry sky with dignity. There does not know that the Milky Way (our cradle in the universe) it's obvious to the naked eye. And this is why? Simply because we take care of expenses when it comes to light without any criteria.



Many studies now testify with certainty that high level of light-pollution cause imbalances on:

  • human circadian rhythm (sleep, etc.)
  • bird migration
  • the survivalof nocturnal animals.