To join to the network you need to install a monitoring stationand ensure that data is collected from our servers or sent to it.

What you need is:

Once the detector is installed outside, in an adequate protective boxwe can read him directly from our server, without that you keep a PC running.To do this, you need to redirect port 10001 of your router to the IP address of SQMSaid it may seem difficult, but all stations are connected so far read in this way.Of course, you need an always-on connectionYou will then see your data processed directly on the page of your station, and download them via the free software created by us (GECO).

In the event that the connection is not always active, you can connect the station to a local PC (connected via Ethernet to the SQMand read the data again with the GECOIn this case, the GECO will be enabledas well as for downloading data from our server, even for uploading data collected from you.This way is more expensive, however, because to run a PC all day of the year can cost over than 300 euros.

If you already have an SQM-LE installed, the reading of data can take place immediately, today, now!

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