Because only with the cooperation results can be important.

Because we are sure that there are many people who want to do, and we give you the tools to do!


We (the Gads), first in Italy, in 2009 installed a station that makes continuous monitoring of the brightness of the night sky, which is directly related to light pollution that comes, in fact, to the sky. In these two years, other initiatives of this kind are, however, very slow game, but it is essential for the understanding and knowledge of the evolution of the problem, which several of these stations will be installed.

So we decided to make available to all, for free, a NETWORK ARCHITECTURE that could easily and efficiently connect all stations around the world, so as to give a serious organization to monitor, so that he could become a reference point for the battle against light pollution. We believe, and hope that it will be a great boost for those who care about the problem, and we sit next to anyone who wants to work with us to provide all the know-how.

Of course, if noone decides to install a station (which has very modest cost), there is not the possibility to create anything.

Associations and individuals have already joined, and we also connect to stations in many Italian provinces and many countries in the world! In fact, we are becoming a collector of data on global monitoring of light pollution.

For the network as we thought, this has no geographical boundaries, so anyone in the world, decide to join. Just contact us click on the link "How to join?" in the menu and will explain how. But if someone has already installed an SQM sensor, simply contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be immediately inserted into the network.

We provide a free software (GECO), which allows you to read data from SQM, store them locally and send them to the network server, and view historical charts. But there is also the possibility, which called for much, to read the stations directly from our server.This is because to run a local PC the SQM reading every night involves a consumption of electricity (at least 200 per year), which is exactly what we want in the fight. So already we read the stations currently connected, which does not therefore need to keep a PC running.

All data read from both GECO is from our servers, will be made available on the site, in tabular and graphic. Each station will have a reference page customizable by the owner of the station, where you can monitor trends and make the basic studies of the evolution of light pollution.

We would like to clarify that the data collected are the property of those who have installed the station, which makes them available to the network, but can freely decide when he wants to disconnect (and God forbid!). The data collected so far will be returned. Of course, only with the collaboration of so many of you will get to have a network, and that is why many people are already deciding to join voluntarily.

These are the people we want, people with a passion and sense of respect for nature decides to embark on this journey with us, we are confident will lead us to reduce waste and improve the enjoyment of our beloved Earth!